Friday, August 31, 2012

My Second Polish!

I started college on Monday, and I've been too busy/tired to paint my nails then blog about it. But, yesterday I decided to paint my nails with another franken I've made! This one isn't quite as nice as the first -- I love the colors of the glitters, but in the bottle it looks sort of gross because some of them bled and tinted the base. But, as these are just for me, I don't care as long as they look pretty on my nails. So, here it is!

I can't take much credit for it, really, as the glitter is pre-mixed, but I still love it. I'm calling it My Sonic Screwdriver, as it definitely reminds me of The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It's full of gold, blue, and purple hexes (the purples being the ones that bled into my base, but they've still kept color). I initially bought it because it seemed sort of steampunk-y, but once I saw it, it screamed Sonic Screwdriver at me. Hence why it's layered over Jessica Indigo, a TARDIS-like color, so the blue glitters aren't too visible. Even despite the bleeding glitter, I'm so in love with this! And it's perfect for the new season starting tomorrow.

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