Friday, August 3, 2012

Layla Holos - Flash Black

I have one, yes, one, holo nail polish. A bit depressing, I know, but I didn't get truly obsessed with nail polish until after China Glaze and OPI had their holo collections. But one day in Ulta, I saw the Layla polishes and new I had to get one, despite it being around eleven dollars. I don't regret it one bit. (And, my holo collection will be expanding, as I'm in the middle of a very lovely swap with a girl in a nail polish group I'm in, for the Hits No Olimpo Collection, which I'm sure I'll be showing off when I get them).

Anyways, I'm going away for the weekend and wanted to wear something that would last. Last time I wore this, it lasted for quite a while, and it's beautiful so it's all perfect. I did two coats of the polish, a coat of top coat (which then dulled the holo, of course), then another coat of holo on top of the top coat to bring that shine back.

Thankfully it was nice and sunny today for pictures, but my camera couldn't quite pick up the holo as well as I wish it could have, but it still looks beautiful I think! $11 is probably right around my limit for nail polish (unless it's something super amazing. I might pay more for the Nerd Lacquer Doctor Who nail polishes, but who wouldn't?), but it's a polish that's very much worth it's price.

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