Thursday, August 9, 2012

Karine's Noir Désir

Here's the second and final indie nail polish I own at the moment- Karine's Noir Désir! Karine is actually the lovely starter of our Birthday Club, and her collection of polishes were made for each of us. Noir Désir was mine, and I absolutely love it!

Pictures don't do this polish nearly enough justice! It's a black jelly base, packed with flakies and glitters of just about every color you can imagine. There's blue, green, turquoise, orange, yellow, and they shift to every color in between. Here I wore one coat of black as the base, with a coat of Noir Désir, then top coat, but I've also just worn three or so coats of itself and it looks great. I've never not received a compliment while wearing this polish. Not to mention the formula is great- There's no "fishing for flakies" like you have to so often!

Sadly, Karine is no longer selling this collection. If she was, I'd pick up a bottle of Naïade for sure, and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it. She has an amazing blog here, where she posts her amazing nail art and frankens!

P.S., I now have a Facebook page for the blog! Check it out here, and maybe like it if you feel compelled to.


  1. Love love it! It was the favorite bday polish!

    1. It's definitely my favorite of them all, I'm so happy I have it!