Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Springy Grass Mani

Usually I like to do my nails every other day, but yesterday I was just completely uninspired. I had no clue what to do so I skipped a day, and later on my super awesome friend Alice suggested a grass mani, and it sounded perfect. Sadly, by then the sun was going down, so I knew I'd have to wait to do it today so I could get decent pictures in the sun.

I used Sinful Colors Be Happy as a pretty sky blue base, Sally Hansen Going Green as the base color of the grass (applied with a paint brush to try to give it that uneven look of blades of grass), and an unnamed green glitter from the Shades of the Season Holiday collection from CVS. I'd started it with just this, but it looked a bit... plain. So, I added some simple birds with a black nail art polish on my thumb and ring finger, because what's a sky without some birds?

On the topic of how awesome Alice is, she made me this awesome phone case! I was going to post about it in my last post, since I actually received it in the middle of doing my David Bowie mani and some of the glitter got onto it, but my SD card stopped registering in my computer for some reason. Anyways, here it is! She's literally amazing at everything and she started a blog when I did, so you should check it out. She also loves nail polish as much as I do!

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