Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Essie Go Overboard and Once Upon A Polish Murky Water

I have a whopping number of two indie nail polishes in my collection. Some of them are just so hard to get, and that combined with being in school and not having a job makes it hard for me to get them. But that just makes me love the ones that I have even more.

Today I'm wearing two coats of Essie Go Overboard with one coat of Once Upon A Polish Murky Water over my thumb and ring finger. It may not be obvious yet, but those are my favorite accent nails.

Go Overboard is a really pretty dark teal cream, and I thought it would go nicely with Murky Water. Murky Water is a greenish shimmer base, with silver, blue, white, pink, and black glitter. It's a truly pretty polish, and I knew as soon as I saw it that I absolutely needed it. I've noticed there's a small amount of curling in the polish, but it doesn't change the aesthetic of it at all, and I still love it! I did tell her about it, and found that Murky Water is sadly no longer being produced, but there's obviously no longer a problem with curling glitter for her.

Once Upon A Polish can be purchased here at their Etsy shop. She has tons of beautiful Disney related nail polish, so I suggest taking a look! I know I'm definitely wanting to order from her again in the future.

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