Sunday, July 22, 2012

China Glaze Agro and Sinful Colors All About You

In the time that I posted my first post, saying I was hoping to make this into a nail blog, I managed to figure out how to take clear photos with my camera. That's always what was stopping me from starting a blog before, and maybe now that won't be a problem!

I know the Hunger Games collection from China Glaze has been out for ages, and I'd gotten all of the colors I wanted right when it came out. Agro was a color I hadn't really wanted - until I saw it yesterday at Sally's. Yes, it was on sale for only about $2 or so, but I wanted it for more than that. Suddenly, it was an amazing color that I just needed, and here it is, with Sinful Colors All About You, a gold glitter, on my thumb and ring finger.

Not perfect pictures, but much better than I'm used to! I do have to figure out a better way to actually hold the bottles - I broke my left wrist when I was younger, and mobility is still really bad with that wrist and hand. But that, and my photos, will get better, especially as this is only my first post.

Anyways, Agro was only a whopping one coat, and that I was especially happy with. Not many of my polishes can be used with full coverage and no streaks, and it's a beautiful green shimmer, almost metallic. For a color that I didn't want at all to start with, I love it now!


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    1. Thank you! I'm usually not a huge fan of greens, but I really am loving this one.